Logo - Joules Electronics

Brief history

Joules electronics was formed in 1987, initially designing and manufacturing wiring looms for Race and Rally cars.

After a couple of years we evolved into the electronics side of motorsport which then was a new and rapidly expanding field, first with data systems then moving in to engine management then body/transmission control.

The customer base ranges from F1 to DTM to WRC teams to the grass routes level motorsport.

Our services

Our services include:

  • Design of wiring looms
  • Design of electronics systems
  • Recommend / sourcing of equipment for motorsport projects
  • Installation of equipment we supply
  • Parts supply from a switch to a total electrical system (please ask for a Quote)

Our products

Here is a list of some of the products we can supply:

  • MoTeC ECUs and dash and sensor products
  • Pectel ECUs and dash systems
  • Geartronic paddle change systems
  • Stack dash and instrumentation products
  • Data acquisition sensors, ranging from pressure sensors, suspension sensors, Infra-red brake and tyre sensors
  • Custom made wiring looms using the Raychem DR-25 System products